CSU Finalizes New College Names

Photo by Connor Mahon

Extensive conversations regarding the names of the newly restructured academic colleges have concluded. This realignment was a priority of the CSU 2.0 plan, which seeks to “better reflect our unique strengths, create recruiting and investment opportunities, streamline administrative support, and reduce administrative costs where possible,” according to the CSU 2.0 webpage.

The naming process included “a dozen focus groups with CSU students, faculty and staff in the colleges most impacted, research on how prospective students are finding our programs now, and search engine optimization reviews to measure the effectiveness of our name considerations,” wrote President Laura Bloomberg in an email to the campus community.

College of Arts and Sciences

Incorporating many programs from the previous College of Sciences and Health Professions and College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences will be the College of Arts and Sciences. Incorporating a diverse group of programs, a College of Arts and Sciences is a common moniker across many universities.

College of Education and Public Affairs

This newly formed college consists of many programs from the College of Education and Levin College of Urban Affairs, as well as a few from the College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences.

College of Health

The new College of Health draws in programs from the largest variety of previous colleges. Notably, the School of Nursing will no longer be a standalone unit.

“A sincere thank you to everyone across campus who provided input on these names. Because they are clear, succinct and descriptive, they are effective” shared Bloomberg.

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