Meet the 2020-2021 Cauldron Staff


If you are interested in joining our staff, email us at
Cleveland State students who contribute at least five pieces of published work in an academic year earn staff status for that year. These contributions can be articles, photos, graphics or ad sales.
You can read more about our staff members by following the dropdown menu above.
Editor-in-Chief: Maddie Saines
Managing Editor: Megan Keleman
News Editor: Jenna Thomas
Sports Editor: August Vullo and Ramandeep Arora
Features Editor: Maggie Phillips
Arts & Entertainment Editor: Trinity Stevens
Opinion Editor: Dina Usanovic
Photo Editor: Molly Bregar
Graphic Designer: Connor Mahon
Advertising Specialist: Jake Wrege
Video/Podcast Manager: Jack Brancatelli
Social Media Manager: Skylar Bridgeforth