President Bloomberg reflects on year in messages to campus community

The newly selected CSU President, Dr. Laura Bloomberg, sent a statement to the campus community via email on Friday, May 6, as well as a video message on May 12.

Bloomberg decided to give some encouraging messages regarding final exam week to students. As many other colleges are also approaching the end of the Spring semester, their students, like CSU’s, often become stressed and overwhelmed by the body of work required to prepare for final exams.

Bloomberg opened the letter:

“As we come to the end of the academic year, I’m reflecting on the fact that we began this semester with a snow day (actually two), continued restrictions on campus and many of us feeling unsure of how the pandemic would impact us in 2022. Now we are wrapping up the semester with beautiful spring blooms popping up across campus, daylight that extends into the evening hours, fewer COVID-related restrictions campus-wide, a lot of festive end-of-year celebrations and the eager anticipation of commencement. I love this time of year!”

By looking back on the beginning of the semester, Bloomberg suggested that CSU has come a long way since the start of the school year.

With over a whopping 100 students and staff in quarantine during September of 2021, it may not have been predicted by those involved that the campus would push through the Omicron variant. And furthermore, decelerate the spread too, finishing with a total of just three students in quarantine as of April 26.

Adjusting back to normal was not easy for many students, as academic plummet began to show at the beginning of the 2021-2022 school year. However, as classrooms eased back into normal operations, the SGA saw much improvement in student performance.

Now with finals week beginning on Monday, May 9, Bloomberg took advantage of the opportunity to congratulate and motivate.

“Your wellbeing must be your top priority,” Bloomberg said near the end of the address. “I wish you (students) a successful Exam Week, and extend to you my very best wishes for a wonderful summer.”

While the University has faced many challenges since 2020 in the fight against COVID-19, those who will become Seniors next semester will have survived all of the COVID-related obstacles, since the beginning of their college careers.

In her video message, Bloomberg racapped the year, including highlights such as reaccreditation of CSU, the first Distinguished Professor at CSU, Dr. Samantha Baskind, and more. You can watch the full video below.