A food truck is coming to Cleveland State, and they need your feedback!

A new food truck and a surrounding park area are in the works, with student feedback needed.

The Longship Food Truck will be a new dining option for students. Photo courtesy of APA.

As part of sweeping changes to campus dining, a food truck will soon be opening for CSU students. Pictured above, the Longship Food Truck will be based outside of the Music and Communications Building on Euclid Avenue. While we don’t know much more about the food truck itself, CSU is collaborating with students in the American Planning Association to design a park in this area, and wants student feedback as part of the planning process.

A view of the space. Photo courtesy of APA and Google Maps.

“Students deserve to have a say in how their campus looks, so this is a really awesome opportunity. If you remember our Parking Day, where we turned that parking lot into a pop up park, we think that showed the university there’s a lot of potential for Euclid Avenue to be more vibrant,” said APA Vice President Jack Brancatelli.

Parking Day is an international planning holiday dedicated to repurposing space for vehicles into space for people. CSU’s APA Chapter hosted an on campus event which was attended by many throughout the day. Photo courtesy of Nate Lull.

“This is an official collaboration — facilities bought a food truck, and we’re tasked with telling them what the students want around it. If you’re especially interested, please take the time to write out all the ideas you’ve got. We want to hear them all!” Brancatelli continued. “As students, we really care your voices are heard.”

You can fill out the survey here.