Parties of Each SGA Presidential Nominee Met to Chat

Without a microphone to use, a public forum between each running party for the SGA cabinet opened the audience to their views.

Forum Participants, “Vikes for Your Voice” (left) and “CSU United” (right). Photo by Daniel Newman.

As the 2021-2022 school year meets its end, the choice of who will represent students’ voices becomes available again.

Student Government Association President, Martin Barnard, has spent the current school year as the primary messenger from the students to the administration of Cleveland State University.

Now that there will be a new student fulfilling his role, from parties “CSU United” or “Vikes for Your Voice,” an open forum between each party was an important part of the election process.

“We’ve got to find a way to be able to connect more of students to our different organizations on campus,” presidential candidate Elias Palmer said about the way Vikes for Your Voice looks to make a difference.

Without a microphone, the hour-long forum took place in the Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs atrium, with each party’s present members taking questions from the audience.

On the other side of the room sat the CSU United Party, whose presidential candidate, Sheshenk Reddy, said that making SGA more known is what his team will focus on.

While SGA hasn’t always been advertised at a level that many SGA members would prefer, accomplishing either goal will probably take additional resources to be available for students.

Talks of a website, allowing students to schedule SGA appointments to seek help, make suggestions, or even requests, entered the discussion on both ends. Moderator Lauren Koleszar, who is The Vindicator’s features editor, gave each party equal opportunities of detailing their plans.

The members of each cabinet are:

CSU United includes president Sheshenk Reddy, vice president Arpan Reddy, secretary candidate Usha Mandia, and treasurer Kalyah Veluri.

Vikes for Your Voice comprises president Elias Palmer, vice president Cael Shaw, secretary Sam Ly, and treasurer Nina Faisal.

On COVID-19, each party gave similar opinions about how they felt the administration adjusted to the difficulties of the virus. And in terms of the way they wish to influence Senate meetings, each team stated that there is something that needs to be changed.

CSU United stated that “more interactive meetings” would make things more interesting for those in attendance who do wish to offer an opinion. This could possibly be done by allowing students to offer agenda topics.

Vikes for Your Voice simply invited the idea that “more students at SGA and Faculty-Senate meetings” should make a difference in how students think they can influence the organization and CSU overall.

Both parties gave similar answers to each question, from their neutral stances on freedom of speech to their thoughts on academic success.

In closing the forum, CSU United explained that no matter who wins, making a difference should be available to all students, and Vikes for Your Voice agreed.

CSU students can vote in the SGA election now until April 7 via VikesConnect.

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