Bringing music back to Trinity Cathedral

A new pipe organ and in-person concerts

On Oct. 6 at noon, Trinity Cathedral was filled with music once again. After a seemingly endless halt in their in-person programming because of COVID, the cathedral is now resuming its Brown Bag Concert series with in-person and virtual attendance options.

This was also quite the occasion to resume these concerts, since the Cathedral had a new pipe organ to unveil. The concert, titled “Organ Spectacular,” centered on the new instrument.

Todd Wilson, the Music Director at Trinity, spoke briefly during the event. The organ had been in planning for almost 10 years, having been designed by the Muller Pipe Organ Company. COVID finally allowed for the installation process to happen.

The music selections for this concert were performed by Nicole Keller. The afternoon commenced with a seasonal appropriate piece titled “Come Autumn Time.”

Interior of Trinity Cathedral. Photo by Molly Bregar

The sound of the organ is amazing. As soon as the organist first pressed the keys, the sound seemed to completely encompass the space. From higher, more playful notes to rich ones that seemed to command the space, this instrument seems to replicate any sound.

Wilson also announced some of the upcoming concerts, which includes a “Poets of the Piano” as their next event, on Oct. 20.

All concerts take place at 12 p.m. on select Wednesdays. Proof of vaccination is required to be in attendance. All livestream recordings remain available on the Trinity Cathedral Facebook page.

For more information on upcoming programming at Trinity Cathedral, please visit their webpage here.

Author: Trinity Stevens

Trinity Stevens is the Arts and Entertainment Editor of The Cauldron for the 2021-2022 academic year. Trinity is a senior majoring in Dance for Community and minoring in Theatre Studies. She has previously worked on The Cauldron in the spring 2021 academic semester. Trinity aims to enrich the lives of the Cleveland State community by bringing thought-provoking articles on all things arts-related.

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