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By: “The Cauldron” Editorial/Managment staff

At Cleveland State University and other colleges throughout the nation, student journalists create safe environments for student opinion, holding their administration accountable, and protecting student liberties on campus. However, student-run press organizations are much more than that. Being a part of a student press organization also fosters a sense of community amongst your peers and allows students to practice their journalistic craft while forming bonds with other students.

This past year has been a year like no other; COVID-19 ravaged through the United States, drastically changing day-to-day life for many students. Suddenly, we have lost our sense of community with our peers and are trying to find a new “normal” in an all-virtual world, which sometimes can be extremely isolating. “The Cauldron” has also faced challenges with this new normal. In fact, most of our staff, who would typically be together frequently for layout, have never physically met each other in person. 

Despite this, we have formed bonds with our other staff members in the remote setting, doing our best to give student journalism meaning on our campus. From the breaking news we report on, to student opinions, to our Video/Podcast Manager Jack Brancatelli’s breathtaking video content, we at “The Cauldron” want our readers to know how important student journalism is to us and to this campus. 

Maddie Saines- Editor-in-Chief

“Student journalism is at the heart of every university. I was extremely honored to take on my role, even with the challenges presented by the pandemic. Journalism by students and for students is especially important right now, as most students are working remotely and maybe do not know what is going on at the university, on campus or in Cleveland. It is our job to deliver content that is important to our student community, and I feel as though we have beat all odds to do so. I love our editorial and multimedia content staff and can not believe graduation is around the corner. My advice is if you are thinking about writing, absolutely do it. It is such a rewarding experience.” 

Megan Keleman- Managing Editor

“I was the managing editor last year for the paper and I saw the old staff struggle with the transition to publishing online only and stopping our weekly in-person interactions with each other. Because of this, I wanted to stay on staff for this year to help the new staff get accustomed to student journalism virtually. Maddie has really helped to foster an open and creative environment this year. Editors have taken on new angles and began to cover student issues amongst a global pandemic. It is no easy feat to accomplish but this year’s staff was up to the challenge. Every member of the CSU community has a voice, and everyone this year has worked hard to get to hear as many of these voices as possible. Despite the curveball that COVID threw at us, it has given more people a platform for their voices and I think that has become one of the best lessons COVID has taught us.”

Dina Usanovic- Opinion Editor

“This is my first year at CSU, and I have really enjoyed the connections I have made through “The Cauldron”! I think it is so important for the media to hold administrations and organizations accountable, especially when students are afraid to do so themselves. The power that students have to voice their opinions is so immense, and I feel so privileged to be a part of an organization that fosters student opinions productively. This experience has been so amazing for me, and I hope every student considers joining our team. It is such a welcoming, inspiring, and positive environment— it can hardly even be called work! I feel so privileged to serve the student body this way.”

Jenna Thomas – News Editor

“During my last year at Cleveland State, I wanted to be more involved, meet students, and contribute to something meaningful. I’m so glad I found “The Cauldron” and I highly encourage students to get involved in student journalism. I do not have a background in journalism and do not plan to go into journalism, but I value awareness and love to write. I loved finding stories that were important for students to hear about, speaking with student organization leaders, covering local politics that directly impacts students. It has been a joy and I am excited to continue to read “The Cauldron” after I graduate!”

Trinity Stevens – Arts & Entertainment Editor

“I have never considered myself to be a writer or one for being a part of student organizations, however this year I proved myself wrong on both accounts. Being involved as an editor for the CSU Cauldron has allowed me to explore a newfound area of interest that I might not otherwise have even discovered. I may not be studying journalism as a profession, but I have gotten to experience the joy of writing about topics that I am passionate about. It is also something special to be with a newspaper that has been around since the 1920s; “The Cauldron” is a tradition that continues year after year, strengthening our connection with the student body and the greater Cleveland community. I am thankful for having gotten to work with such a wonderful group of people this semester, even if I did not really see them face to face. I hope to return to the Cauldron for next year, but intend to remain a reader long after that.”

Molly Bregar – Photo Manager

“As someone who is not a journalism major, I would’ve never expected to be involved in “The Cauldron.” This team has welcomed students from all majors with open arms and encourages a positive growing environment. I’ve loved being a part of this team of highly motivated individuals. Everyone works so insanely hard to bring real stories to the surface and shed light on issues within our community. If you’re on the fence about getting involved, just go for it. The experience will be worth your time and more.”

Maggie Phillips – Feature Editor

“Writing for “The Cauldron” has allowed me to expand my creativity in writing about issues I care about while connecting deeper with members of the campus community. Journalism can elevate the voices of our students and community members whose different and unique perspectives are crucial in shaping CSU’s identity. It has been an honor getting to speak with such passionate individuals and to share my work with a greater audience.”

August Vullo – Sports Editor

“Before taking this job I was not much of a writer. I was however a sports management major. So when I heard about the opportunity to become the sports editor for “The Cauldron” I jumped on the opportunity immediately. I have not looked back since then. This is a great job and it is important for people in this school to know about our sports programs. I believe that sports bring people together and journalism helps get people excited about sports.”

We at “The Cauldron want to thank you, the readers, for continuing to support our publication throughout this crazy, past year of transition. If you are interested in getting involved next year, be on the lookout for information come the fall on all social media, @csucualdron.

-The 2020-2021 Cauldron Staff

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