Let’s talk about safety

Some tips to helps students stay alert in the summer months

By: Mia Mills

Summer is less than a week away, and many students will return home to take a well-deserved break after a full year of pandemic learning. Summer events will be very exciting to go to, but it is important to remember safety. Considering the chain of car-jacking, primarily targeting women on Cleveland’s west side, I have included a few tips and resources on how to have a safe and fun summer.

Stay alert. Whether it be walking on campus, to and from your vehicle/bus stop, observe your surroundings. And yes, this means to get off distracting social media apps and be prepared to make an emergency phone call.

Lock Your Doors. After getting in your car, lock all doors. This goes also for leaving your vehicle unattended. When returning to your vehicle, fasten your seat belt and drive to your next destination. 

Confidence. When walking anywhere, stand tall and look confident. Do your best to not show vulnerability. 

Fortunately, Cleveland State University has invested in effective safety resources for all students and faculty to use. The university police department has partnered with the Rave Guardian Safety app, where police can be contacted with the push of a button. In addition, university police can be contacted at 216-687-2020 or by using the emergency blue light system on campus. 

Viking Safety escorts are also available 365 days, 7 days a year by calling CSUPD or through the Rave Guardian app. For more information and resources about campus safety, please visit the links below. Stay safe, Vikings!