A re-evaluation of American patriotism

By: Dina Usanovic

The recent Coronavirus Pandemic has allowed Americans to see their government in action during an actual emergency. We have been relatively blessed since then, without major threats to our ways of life. However, the pandemic has brought to question the efficacy of our government. The response of the government has been described as slow, relatively ineffective, and, a joke.

While these descriptors are harsh, the lack of faith in government is fitting with the dwindling patriotism seen in our country. While a portion of the country has remained patriotic and willing to defend their nation, many citizens have become embarrassed of being an American. This is especially seen in younger Americans and democrats. Only 22% of democrats were extremely proud to be American in 2019 according to a Gallup poll, which had dropped 10% since the previous year. The same poll explains that less than half of all Americans (45%, to be exact) are extremely proud of their nation. Pride in America has been steadily dwindling for the last few years, and the government’s response to the pandemic has not helped.

People have had an increasing level of pride in their own state, accompanying their decreasing pride in their nation. Considering the level of pride among Texans, state patriotism trumps national patriotism as of right now. While the American government has been tested by the pandemic, it has time to turn itself around. The initial pandemic response was less-than-revered, but its ability to restructure the nation after a devastating blow might reinstate patriotism in America.

Chart from the Gallup poll detailing dwindling patriotism, Source: Gallop.com

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