Campus Activities Board goes virtual

By Nick Hawks

Ally Pavey knew what she was up against when she became president of CAB this summer. After Cleveland State University went remote at the onset of COVID-19 in March, plans for the fall semester of this year became chaotic, with nobody knowing how many, if any at all, students would be permitted on campus. All student organizations were left in the dark while the university decided on what route to go. Student life wavered on whether or not to allow CAB events to take place in person. It was decided that CAB will be done almost entirely virtually until Oct. 15.

“It wasn’t really solidified until the first or second week of August,” Pavey said. “Student life was going back and forth a lot, saying ‘Oh, you can,’ ‘Oh, you can’t,’ ‘Oh, you can but you have to do these things,’ then ‘Oh, you can’t.’ I believe it was the second week of August when they came out with that official October 15 date.”

With just a few weeks until the start of the school year, CAB scrambled to come up with their first virtual event, but they weren’t totally unprepared. Each event planner came up with three options ahead of time — an in-person option, a virtual option, and a mixture of both. Still, the middle of August was a less than ideal date to put the plan into motion.

“We didn’t have much turnaround time,” Pavey said.

The first event was a virtual game show, held on Sept. 3, which had 53 students participate. To participate, students had to create a Twitch account, follow the link CAB posted on their social media, and sign up for the event. For future events, there will be a Google form that CAB sends out in a mass email that students can register on, or you can follow their social media and signup on the Google form there.

For Pavey, a junior nursing major, taking on the position of president has been a difficult
transition, despite the fact that she had a year of executive board experience with the organization last year.

“Learning about the position wasn’t so hard, but then it was relearning and recreating the position because of all the adaptations needed for COVID,” Pavey said. “There’s a lot of things that we truly had to rebuild and we still actively are as we get feedback from students and student life.”

Despite all these additional stressors and challenges, Pavey remains excited to serve in the role.

“I wanted to be president because I wanted to be able to leave a positive impact on an organization that means so much to me,” she said. “I wanted to be able to lead a group of people who are so awesome and just get that leadership experience, but also make an impact.”

Homecoming is next on CAB’s radar, as they are still working out the details, but they’re hopeful that they will be able to have two in-person events. Keep up to date and follow them at Instagram, @csucab.