Generosity flows during Giving Day at CSU

By Ben Hercik

Cleveland State University held their annual Giving Day on Feb. 12, which is a full day of fundraising focused on asking alumni for donations for the school. This year, the university had a goal of receiving 2,020 different donations. 

Not only did Cleveland State surpass that goal by receiving over 2,551 donations, but the university also raised $460,092. They raised over $200,00 more compared to last year’s Giving Day, when they raised $283,711. 

The $460,092 was divided among 20 different areas that people could donate to, which was increased from the 15 options that were offered last year. These options included the likes of the College of Sciences and and Health Professions, the Cleveland-Marshall College of Law and Radiance, all of which raised over $10,000. Radiance was able to raise $10,848 on its first year as a part of the fundraiser.

While 16 different areas raised over $1,000, Athletics led the way earning $288,561 from 1,890 donors. Not all of this money was given to the athletic department as a whole, but rather split into the different sports offered at the university. All but one sport raised over $3,000, with lacrosse and swimming each raising over $50,000 each. 

Other areas offered donors the same option to donate to different subcategories as well. The College of Education and Human Services allowed people to donate to the Community Learning Center, the Center of Educational Leadership and four other areas.

Among the 15 returning donation options, eight different donation places saw an increase from what they received last year. The increases ranged from being as small as the Jack, Joseph & Morton Mandel Honors College seeing an increase earning $340 more than last year to donation numbers reaching as high as the College of Sciences and Health Professions earning $90,418 more than they did in 2019.