CSU’s first Super Smash Bro Tournament a success

By Griffin Parrett

Upon entering the 313/315 room on the third floor of the Student Center, you could feel the competitive edge of the newly formed Super Smash Bros tournament. The sounds of moving analog sticks and those mashing their buttons on the controller fill the room. It was almost as if the tension in the air could be cut with Link’s sword.
The tournament was a double elimination style tournament, with a loser’s bracket for those who have been defeated. Each game was the best out of three until the finals where it changed to best of five games. The different idea for this tournament was that there were two different brackets going for two different types of Super Smash Bros games.

There was a bracket for Super Smash Bros Melee and Super Smash Bros 4. Melee, released in 2001, was played on the GameCube, while Super Smash Bros 4, released in 2014, was played on the Wii U.

In the tournament room there was a friendly-comradery feel to the atmosphere. The set up in the room was something out of a gamer’s dream. There was a plethora of TVs, alongside different amounts of consoles for plenty of game play for the night.
Before the tournament began, people could be found playing their allotted practice rounds. Although there was a competitive edge, you could find players smiling and laughing as they began to pick their characters.

Some of the competitors were available for conversation before they began some of their practice rounds.
“I love Super Smash Bros simply because it is such a cool community. You can come to a tournament like this and simply make new friends all because of one game,” Rover, a competitor who entered the competition because his friend told him about it, said.
Aidan Zapotechne, president of the club, set the whole tournament up with the help of the rest of the club.

As 5 p.m. hits more people began to flock in. With the flock came more consoles and TVs. The pre-tournament necessities slowly began to start. Everyone that walked in congregated over the laptop to sign into a server called, “Challonge” that was meant to keep the brackets accurate for the whole night.

The talk around the tournament, as people signed in, was about what characters and different strategies they would be using for that night’s tournament. George Woods, one of the players, talked about his team for the tournament.
“Lucario and Luigi are my characters of choice for the tournament. With Luigi, if I can get a grab right off the start, I will be set. This is because I will get a high percent attack on my opponent,” Woods said. “Lucario is the same concept as Luigi, but the percent isn’t bigger. However, the more damage I take with Lucario the more my grab attacks will be. I’ve been practicing this for months now.”

The official number of participants hit an all-time high of 47 people. Fourteen of those participants were signed up for Super Smash Bros Melee, while the other 33 were signed up for Super Smash Bros 4.

It is now time to battle!

The matches were read off and people took their seats to battle. Each person fought for their lives. The laughing and comradery that was heard once before had switched to game talk. The sounds of people talking to themselves about their own strategies, while they smashed the buttons on their controllers, could be heard across the room.

There was a mix of Cleveland State University students along with students from other colleges, such as Case Western and other surrounding schools. Many of the attendees stated that they come to a lot of Smash tournaments, however, this one was the biggest that they’ve been to in a while.

“This tournament is super cool for me, I go to a lot of tournaments, and I agree this is a huge tournament with a dynamic atmosphere,” Collin Ammons, also known as Lincoln, said.

As the night continued, sounds of frustrated people losing rang out. With a loss, you heard the occasional grunt from the player, while the winner screamed, “Woo!” as they moved to the “Challonge” bracket board on the computer.

When a vacant spot opened on the computer, sounds of players calling out for their next opponent to face soon followed.
With such animosity going on, the tension still could have been cut with Link’s sword.
Those who were not playing patiently paced around the room, anxiously awaiting their time to shine. The stakes were high in this tournament, as it was straight bragging rights that for the winner.

The tournament continued on at very quick pace. Round five came in a match between Lumberjack Rakon versus Lincoln and QD versus Xamn for the Super Smash Bros 4 bracket. While the Melee round three was between Liam “Torch” versus Aidan “Fatty” and Rhinum (James) versus Nick “bestpwnage.”

The winners of these rounds went to the semi-finals then onto the finals. Lumberjack Rakon and QD moved onto the finals for Super Smash Bros 4. While Aidan “Fatty” and Rhinum James moved on for the Melee finals.

The moment that the competitors had all have been waiting for — the winners circle. The Super Smash Bros 4 winner that came out on top was Lumberjack Rakon, and the winner for Super Smash Melee was Aidan “Fatty.” The winners received their congratulations from fellow players, and they obtained their bragging rights for this tournament’s win.