Controversy roars as Kavanaugh takes office

By Benjamin Frederick

Congress approval rating is below 20 percent. This is because Congress is unethical. If a bipartisan person looked at what Congress has done with the Supreme Court over the last three years, they would call for all of them to be removed.  

The Senate refused to appoint a Supreme Court judge when Obama was president claiming that he did not have enough time left in office. They thought public opinion was against Obama and it was their right to stall the vote till the presidential election. This was highly unethical on its own, but it happened.  

When the next president came to office he appointed Neil M. Gorsuch using Obama’s stolen pick. Then, Republicans voted to change the required number of votes in the Senate from 60 to only 51, a majority of the votes. This meant that whichever party controlled the Senate could “plow right through” any resistance and not have to have bipartisan support from the other party. Republicans changed something that has lasted in our country for hundreds of years and was one of the main purposes of the Senate — just so they could push a supreme court nominee through. This is just sickening and shows that these people have no morals and no sense of honor.   

This would not be the last time. Trump got the chance to appoint another Supreme Court member, Brett Kavanaugh. This was coming close to the midterm elections, and many believe the Republican party did not have the support of the people. Thus, the ethical thing to do would be to wait till after the midterm election to see which party had a Senate majority and vote on the nominee at that time.  

Being the ethical Republican senators that they were, they did not do this. They pushed for his nominee knowing they had a majority and could again just plow right through any resistance. However, during the nomination process, several women came forward and accused Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct, sexual assault and on one occasion, rape. This shocked the world, but not the Senate. They continued with the nomination. That alone is appalling.

The president could just nominate another person for the job, but they chose to stay with a man accused of horrible things. The president and Republican senators should have respected women’s rights and voices by withdrawing the nominee.

Several hearings were heard from both parties involved. A very formal and respectful Dr. Christine Blasey Ford gave her accounts of the event, and then a very passionate and unbalanced Kavanaugh gave his defense.  

Even if Kavanaugh was innocent of the charges, he should not have been appointed to the Supreme Court because of his testimony. He was irrational and temperamental.

A judge must always remain calm and bipartisan, especially if that judge is appointed to the highest judicial position in our country. However, the senators did not care and voted 50-48 to confirm him. This would have been a very different situation if the Republicans did not remove the fail safes that were in place for hundreds of years.   

After the hearings from each party, the Senate called for a week-long FBI investigation on the subject. A week is not very long when doing an investigation like that, and they were limited in what they could investigate by the White House.

The report was officially released, but many witnesses came forward who knew Kavanaugh. Many of them said he had a drinking problem, and they did not doubt the charges had some credibility to them.  

Then Senate approved Judge Kavanaugh and, with this decision, blatantly said they do not care about women’s rights. They showed that they believe a man cannot get in trouble for his mistreatment of what they clearly believe to be the lesser gender.

It does not matter what a women thinks or has experienced because as Mitch McConnel says, “We’re going to plow right through it.” And make sure white males stay on top.