Young Quarterback Baker Mayfield Brings New Energy to First Energy

By: Nick Schwartz

First year Health Science major

would like to discuss the capability of the Cleveland Browns to be a respectable team with the introduction of Baker Mayfield.  

As anyone who has been watching the Browns knows, Mayfield’s introduction into a losing game against the Jets ended the losing streak of the franchise and breathed new life into FirstEnergy Stadium and Cleveland as a whole.  

Many spectators, myself included, saw a drastic change in the tempo of the Browns offense once the rookie filled in for an injured Tyrod Taylor.  The offense seemed like an entirely different team under his control. Instead of the slow, sloppy Browns we have seen for the past season, we began to see a crisp, controlled, well-oiled offense that was aided by the quarterback’s ability to maintain control in the pocket.  

This is a type of play that we have not seen for a long time.  It is clear that the young upstart’s style is different from our old, reliable Browns offense.  There is a lot less panic in the pocket, leading to fewer sacks and less loss of yardage.

The potential that Mayfield gives the team is incredible. Obviously, Cleveland isn’t making the Super Bowl this year, but this jolt of energy may be what we need to make our way there in future seasons.  

This new quarterback is shaking the way Cleveland knows football. Instead of easily intercepted passes, that often wind up in the opponents hands, we are seeing crisp, clean passes that are landing on our receivers.  

This capability in the pocket is adding to the team’s confidence, and the potential in our offense is finally able to shine.  This talent is nothing unusual for the rookie, being a Heisman winner and leading the nation in completion percentage. Statistics like these would be the absolute game changer that Cleveland needs.

If the Browns can begin to follow his momentum, the way Cleveland looks at football can change, and the Mayfield dynasty can begin.  

I have looked into every inch of his football career, even looking into his strength as compared to his height. His throwing ability is actually prompting some players to work on their catching capabilities, as seen by Jarvis Landry’s failed catch landing on his chest during the face off with the Jets.  

This proves as a huge advantage to the Cleveland offense, as the chance of interception is substantially decreased when your quarterback has the capability to send a ball going the football equivalent of mach 1.

 With that note I leave with this:  Mayfield can make waves in the Browns’ offense, creating a point and generating playstyle that can change the Browns as we know them.  

The one fact to keep in mind, is that this is a rookie who hasn’t even played in a full game in the NFL.  I would not say right now that he is a top-tier NFL quarterback, but he could be in the makings to be legendary.