Film student creates blockbuster hit, Blockbusters make a comeback

Disclaimer: This is a satirical piece.

By: Beth Casteel

Months after the Cleveland State University film school opened its doors, a student made national headlines by creating the first student-made blockbuster hit the world has ever seen.

Taking on the overly ambitious project, senior film student Dylan Jonas decided to create the year’s next big blockbuster for his senior project. What he didn’t expect was his movie to be the root cause of Blockbuster video stores making their comeback.

The film, starring Gerard Butler, follows a man who somehow contracts the plague. Before he dies from the disease, Butler tries to live his last days completing his life goal of bringing Blockbuster back from the dead.

The movie ends with Butler’s character  finding out that they can cure his disease and when he gets on a plane to travel to the location of the doctor, the plane crashes and he dies before getting the chance to see his goals come to fruition.

The ending of the movie upset a lot of moviegoers. Because of the unexpected ending of the film, one angered fan decided to start a Kickstarter campaign to help Butler’s character fulfill his life goals.

“I didn’t think that people would be so  passionate about my film,” Jonas said. “When I saw the Kickstarter campaign after the movie was released and just how many people were supporting it, I was shocked.”

With a goal of $150,000 to build a Blockbuster video in the character’s hometown of Cleveland, fans of the movie were able to raise the money in less than a day.

After purchasing an abandoned building, the supporters got to work recreating the video store that many spent time in at one point or another. While they still have quite a bit of work to go, the campaigners have officially set a date to the video store’s official opening: the one-year anniversary of Butler’s character’s death.

The expected date of the Blockbuster opening will be April 8, 2019.

With the revival of the video store coming next year, Jonas has taken the time to reflect on the journey he went through when creating such a massive movie.

Going to convention after convention and trying to meet as many celebrities as he could, he finally got his break when the “300” actor allowed Jonas to pitch him the idea.

“I remember I was at a convention, and he just so happened to be there, so I thought why not and pitched the idea to him,” Jonas said. “He wasn’t sold at first, but after offering most of my inheritance and my soul, he agreed.”

The production wasn’t an easy process either. Still not quite the professional filmmaker, he had many obstacles to go through when making the film. Between budgeting to dealing with a high-profile actor, there was a huge learning curve.

While the film faced obstacles, Jonas is incredibly proud of what he accomplished, even if his professor gave him a C+ on the final cut.

“I may not have got the best grade in the class, but it’s fine,” Jonas said. “Really, I think that my professor was jealous of the attention I was getting.”