‘What would you like to see in CSU’s next President?’

Contributed by Regan Reeck & Katie Hobbins
All photos by Dawn Jacob

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While this is a deviation from the typical features that we publish, it’s something that we at The Cauldron found necessary to address. On Sept. 6 and 7, Cleveland State held a forum to give students a chance to voice what they want to see in Cleveland State’s next president. The numbers were extremely low in comparison to the over 17,000 students that attend the university, so we decided to take it upon ourselves to ask students directly what they want from their university president.

The  question was originally meant to find out what qualities students hoped to see the next president embody. Answers ranged from wanting to see a president who would be understanding and compassionate of the needs of the university’s students, to hoping for a president who would be more present on campus and involved with the students.

It became evident that there were also grievances that students hoped would be taken into consideration as well, such as an increase in courses and areas of study offered to a higher promotion of the arts at Cleveland State.

Multiple students repeated a sentiment that may offer an explanation for the lack of student participation in a process that will soon directly impact their college experience. Some individuals stated that they didn’t even know the president was retiring, or that they were commuters and it was a matter that didn’t affect them.

We at The Cauldron wanted to iterate, this will affect the student body directly and the chance to voice our opinions should be taken advantage of. To find out  more information go to page 4 and read about the presidential search forum.