New college names the focus of December Faculty Senate meeting

During the final Faculty Senate meeting of the semester, naming the newly realigned colleges was a priority

President Harlan Sands gives some insight of college naming during Faculty Senate meeting. Photo by Daniel Newman

On Dec. 1, Cleveland State University’s largest group of decision-makers discussed the points of emphasis in continuing the school year in January.

As another Faculty Senate meeting was completed, new business talks were brief; however, the discussion about new names of three colleges grabbed the attention of the room’s attention.

These realigned colleges were initially introduced as a part of CSU 2.0. The new organization structure shifts certain programs to consolidate colleges and requires renaming of the current College of Sciences and Health Professions, College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences, and College of Urban Affairs. The search for deans of the new colleges is already underway.

The three colleges to be renamed and the programs included in them. Photo courtesy of CSU

Dr. Laura Bloomberg, CSU provost, has spearheaded the renaming process. While mentioning newly named colleges across the country “having to do with what comes to mind” when you think of health, liberal arts and social sciences.

Student Government Association Director of Academic Affairs, Elias Palmer, gave some additional information about the process. “As an idea [we thought] when you think of urban affairs, what are the specific details that come into your mind?”

He continued, “We had a list that we used to sort of look at what other universities were doing and though, when you look at these names, what are the key-words that stick out?”

Aside from the names of colleges changing, President Harlan Sands made sure to give thanks to recent scholarship donors and SGA President Marty Barnard gave a rundown of what he expects to be done to help students improve in the Spring ’22 semester.