President Sands announces new talent pipeline partnership

How can CSU students take advantage of the opportunity?

By Mia Mills

President Harlan Sands was eager to announce the partnership with Cleveland’s leading medical professionals to integrate a talent pipeline at Cleveland State University. According to the announcement made by Governor Mike Dewine and JobsOhio, CSU will receive funding from JobsOhio to create a competitive Public Health and Education Institute.

This institute is intended to educate and provide resources to our students so they can become the next generation’s medical professionals. This talent pipeline is geared to match the needs of employers with corresponding degrees.

 How will the University push this? A guess would be that CSU will offer additional rewards and scholarships to students wanting to pursue the degrees that are currently in demand. Funding for these rewards and scholarships could come from the employers themselves or out of the share of the $110 million dollar investment that the university received to create the pipeline. 

Either way, it makes sense that Cleveland State University would be chosen for this large task at hand. Medical employers in the Northeast Ohio area have lost a significant percentage of their employees due to the pandemic. Additionally, Cleveland State is recognized for producing the largest number of graduates that live and work in Northeast Ohio.

If the talent pipeline were to work, the demand of employers would be met and the university would generate additional revenue from student enrollment. The only question left is, will there be enough aspiring doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals to take advantage of the opportunity and attend Cleveland State?

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