Cleveland State set to take part in annual Giving Day 2021

By: Maddie Saines

Cleveland State is set to host Giving Day 2021 on Feb. 16 in which the CSU community and alumni can donate to a participating program or college of their choice, Courtesy:

Cleveland State University will host its eighth annual Giving Day on Feb. 16. Giving Day encourages CSU alumni, faculty, students, and community members to donate to the university for a variety of student programming and colleges. 

Giving Day is a 24-hour virtual fundraising event in which donations can be made to specific colleges both graduate and undergraduate, CSU Athletics Department, and student and alumni programming such as CSU Student Success, Student Life, Veteran and Military Success Center- amongst additional programming.

The university will hold a variety of hourly donating challenges throughout the day to encourage donations including raffles and the ability to have your donation matched. The goal for this Giving Day is to reach over 2,000 donors throughout the 24-hour period and to raise funds for all colleges and programs taking part.

There is no minimum dollar amount to make a donation, except for gifts that have a minimum of $5. Donors can make online donations and purchase gifts. Mail-in donations will also be accepted. To learn more about participating in Giving Day and making donations visit the website here