CSU offers flu vaccine to students

By: Jenna Thomas

Flu season is approaching, and compounded with the Coronavirus pandemic, getting a flu shot can be especially important this year. Cleveland State students have the opportunity to get a free flu shot from the Health and Wellness Center. The Center is located in room 205 of the Center for Innovations in Medical Professions building across the street from the Student Center. 

In a video posted by the university, President Harlan Sands gets his flu shot and promotes the free service to the student body.

“It doesn’t matter if you have insurance here or through somewhere else, we will give it to you at no cost to you.”

President Sands gets his flu shot; Source: Cleveland State University

If students/faculty not on campus, flu shots can be accessed in plenty of other places. Drug store pharmacies like CVS, Rite Aid and Walgreens offer flu shots that are covered by most insurances. If you are uninsured, Neighborhood Family Practice (NFP) evaluates patients on a sliding scale basis depending on income. It is possible to get a free or affordable flu shot through this service. NFP has locations all across Cleveland. CSU’s flu vaccines at $25 for those without insurance. 

To get a flu shot, schedule an appointment by calling the Wellness Center at (216) 687-3649.

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