Khayla Livingston continues her run of success

By Briana Oldham

Redshirt senior Khayla Livingston has been on a roll this season.

Her stats speak for themselves as she breaks both single season and overall career records at Cleveland State University.

When Cleveland State took on Detroit Mercy, Livingston scored 36 points with nine, three-pointers made.  

During the team’s five game winning streak, she also poured in 27 and 25 points respectively, and combined for a whopping 63 points over the span of just two games.

Livingston recently overtook first place in Cleveland State history in single season three-pointers made and is currently ranked fifth in career assists.

When asked about the season being in full swing, Livingston said she does pay attention to the stats. She feels as though excelling on the court with her team builds the type of camaraderie that fosters a healthy and fun environment among the girls.

“I feel like when I play harder, that’s when the records start breaking. I don’t intentionally go out and plan to break records. I want to win first,” Livingston said. “The five-game winning streak was really good. We were on a roll for a little bit, and it made the atmosphere in the locker room even better.”

Livingston isn’t shy about discussing the closeness she and her teammates share. It is centered on their love of the game as well as how easy it is to simply be in each other’s presence.

“We all want to win; it helps that we have good relationships with each other too and we hang out all the time outside of basketball,” Livingston said.

Livingston has been playing basketball since the age of 4. With three older brothers at home in Hollywood, Florida, she knew she was destined to follow in their footsteps.

She explains what she misses the most about her home state is the weather.

“I’ve been at CSU for a while, but I still can’t get used to the cold,” Livingston said. “When I first got here freshman year, I loved it. But now it’s just too cold.”

What she is used to, however, is having a positive outlook when the going gets tough.

Livingston recalled having shoulder and hand surgery, as well as tearing her ACL several times. What got her through the moments of adversity was knowing there was nothing that would keep her from sharing the love she has for her craft with everyone. Livingston attributes having the will power to never give up as to how she’s always bounced back.

Livingston said her parents helped shape and mold her into the young woman she is today.

“I would have to say my influences are my parents for sure, and [former Los Angeles Laker] Kobe Bryant. I’m a big fan of his and look up to him a lot,” Livingston said.

When it comes to her dietary choices, there isn’t a strict regimen she needs to stick to. However, Livingston tries to avoid red meat before games and increases her protein, fruit and vegetable intake. She also enjoys snacks.

“I like junk food, but I can’t have just that,” Livingston said.

After she graduates, she is unsure if she wants to pursue basketball further or find a job in the field of communication and public relations. Livingston also expressed wanting to do something that allows her to still be involved in the field of sports.

“I would still like to be involved with sports somehow,” Livingston said.

Livingston and the Vikings will continue to march on as the Horizon League tournament is just over a week away.