The Newest Student Organization at CSU: Campus Socialites

Beginning Sept. 12, Campus Socialites became an official student organization at Cleveland State University with a mission to help students navigate social media.

Introducing the newest on-campus student clique: Campus Socialites. Photo Credit: Campus Socialites

The executive board, Dehvian Douglas, Jenna Turney, Destiny Ayres, and Adrian Amer, founded the new on-campus clique near the beginning of the fall semester and have accumulated 52 members since.

“Dehvian introduced the idea to me,” Turney, vice president of Campus Socialites, shared with The Cauldron. “I am truly happy that I got to bring it to life with her.” 

The inspiration for the organization was brought on by the presence of more exclusive organizations that are specific to a certain major or group of people. Campus Socialites recognizes the hardships of attending a commuter college and was founded with the intent that anyone could join and be a part of a group that invites people to explore their interests in an innovative way. 

Campus Socialites is dedicated to teaching students all things social media due to its growth as an important tool in many careers.

“Our focus is to create a positive impact through social media, content creation and brand collaborations,” added Turney.

Turney strongly advocates the importance of understanding social media and content creation. She, along with the rest of the board, intend to help students achieve this in both personal and work settings.

Dehvian Douglas, president of Campus Socialites, has worked with brands like The Ordinary, Vaseline and CeraVe. Likewise, Turney has worked with Princess Polly, Redbull, and Prime Social Group; both board members have brought that experience into the organization as aids to help it prosper.

Turney adds that the objective of the organization is not only to learn, but to be a fun distraction for people where they can build long-lasting relationships with people on campus. 

“My favorite part is being able to help people connect with one another and see them become more knowledgeable on things they are passionate about,” Turney said.

Campus Socialites is having a webinar at the end of November, date to be determined, featuring two social media influencers. The group is also volunteering at the Greater Cleveland Food Bank on Tuesday, Dec. 19 and heavily focuses on community involvement and using social media to influence positive impacts in community and society.

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