Review: Comedian Sam Morril’s Class Act Tour

On a cold fall evening, Sam Morril warmed the hearts of Clevelanders with laughter in a performance of his Class Act Tour at the Ohio Theater.

Photo Credit: Sam Morril

The show, which took place Thursday, Oct. 26, began with Morril’s opener Gary Vider, a New York comic and established name in the comedy community. Morril and Vider have similar senses of dark and dry humor going for them, making Vider the perfect person to kick off the evening.

Vider introduced the audience to his life and experiences on tour. No stranger to stereotypical jokes, Vider persistently made side comments regarding his Jewish heritage.

The pair are known to make stereotypical jokes for all races, genders and religions. Viewers are urged to be wary of the content as not all jokes can be taken with a light heart. However, the Oct. 26 show specifically was less stereotypical than those of the past, focusing more on the comedians’ personal lives. 

After 20 minutes of Vider’s opening act, the long awaited Sam Morril entered the stage. Garnering a large number of whistles and claps, Morril launched into his classic slate of dry, adult humor.

Morril began his act by introducing the audience to his current partner, diving into their sex life and how he “misses fooling around.” He spent a large portion of the show reviewing his past relationships and making comments on how they compare to his current one.

Staying on subjects that may normally be avoided, Morril’s jokes prodded at abortion and social issues, including LGBTQ+. 

Well-versed in the Cleveland community, Morril then opened up the floor to discussion regarding Hilarities, the Cleveland comedy club where he performed for the first time in the city, and football. While on the topic of Cleveland sports, Morril’s love for the New York Jets earned a wave of booing and sparked debate through the crowd. 

As promised, Morril hosted his popular section of the show called “Therapy.” One audience member shared that her ex-boyfriend cheated on her with another man, which made the crowd gasp in shock. 

Morril followed up by asking the woman about her past relationship, specifically whether the sex life they had was good. The woman confirmed that it was, and then Morril joked, “but theirs was better.” Morril then posted the clip to his Instagram where many fans debated about the woman’s situation in the comments. 

As someone who is used to dry humor, this show was definitely one of my favorites. The sly jokes mixed with adult humor really helped me have an outstanding time that night. 

In case you missed Morril’s show, it isn’t too late to see it live. He is currently performing in Australia, but will be back in the United States on Saturday, Dec. 2 for his show in Las Vegas.

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