Cleveland State College Democrats partner with Ohio Public Banking Coalition

Cleveland State University College Democrats announced a partnership with the Ohio Public Banking Coalition (OPBC) on June 20.

The OPBC looks to promote the establishment of public banks in Ohio. The mission of these public banks is to rejuvenate local communities and ensure residents are given the financial tools to achieve success.

“The Cleveland State University College Democrats are proud to support and partner with the Ohio Public Banking Coalition,” wrote CSU Democrats in a statement.“Public Banking is an essential economic tool that can revitalize struggling communities in Appalachia and urban Ohio alike.”

Benefits of public banks, according to OPBC and CSU Democrats, include:

  • Help private banks compete in Ohio.
  • Grow small businesses in Ohio.
  • Bank the sizable unbanked and underbanked communities in Ohio.
  • Make higher education more affordable for young people.
  • Bridge the racial wealth gap.
  • And more benefits that you can read here.

With their partnership, CSU Democrats have called on the Ohio Democratic Party to join them in the advocacy and support of OPBC to make public banking a reality in the state. 
CSU Democrats want state and municipal officials to capitalize on public banking as “Ohio’s economic future depends on it.”

The OPBC team is meeting with an array of elected officials in Ohio at every level of government to generate bipartisan support for this issue that CSU Dems and OPBC both call public banking a common-sense solution to it.

“{OPBC} is committed to building a diverse, multiracial, multigenerational coalition of supporters from across the political spectrum,” reads a statement on their website.

OPBC looks to put out a study by the summer of 2024 to show how public banks can help Ohio communities.