Election denier tied to CSU to run for Ohio’s Senate seat

Bernie Moreno, an election denier with ties to Cleveland State University, again aims for the Republican nomination for Ohio’s Senate seat. CSU’s Center for Sales Excellence is named after him.

This is Moreno’s second shot at the Republican nomination after running for the nomination for Rob Portman’s seat in 2022 before dropping out of the race.

Moreno’s political ties include a relationship with former President Donald Trump. According to Politico, Moreno dropped out of the election after a private meeting with Trump, where both agreed there were too many MAGA candidates and that his staying could hurt the MAGA movement’s chances.

MAGA Republican candidate J.D. Vance, who won the Senate seat in Ohio late last year, has endorsed Moreno in this campaign cycle.

Moreno’s campaign has embraced the MAGA agenda then and still is for this election. Moreno’s daughter has worked on Trump’s campaign and even got married at Trump’s Bedminster golf club.

Moreno, in 2022, echoed Trump’s election lies and still lists “restore the integrity of our elections” as one of the 15 priorities as to why he is running.

Kari Lake, the former Republican nominee for Arizona Governor, who denies both her loss and Trump’s, will be in Cleveland on August 7 with Moreno, whom Lake has endorsed to campaign support for Issue 1.

In June 2022, former Attorney General and Trump appointee William Barr declared that the U.S. Justice Department uncovered no evidence of voter fraud that would change the 2020 election outcome.

In August 2022, The Cauldron asked President Laura Bloomberg if Cleveland State should be associated with Moreno and his election lies. Bloomberg referred to the process for voice and agency. She responded by saying that rather than force her own opinion, her duty is to “steward the institution with the structures that guide us.”

Moreno’s 15 priorities include “Protect Life; End Wokeness and Cancel Culture; End Socialism in America.”

In April, Trump posted on Truth Social that “[Moreno] would not be easy to beat, especially against [Sen. Sherrod] Brown, one of the worst in the Senate!” Trump has yet to endorse Moreno officially.

Ohio Secretary of State Frank LaRose entered the race on July 17 and endorsed Trump for the presidency in 2024.

Cleveland State faced controversy over the name of its law college being tied to slave owner and former Supreme Court Justice John Marshall before formally changing the name in November of 2022.