BREAKING: Alec Popivker avoids jail time; sentenced to probation

Alec Popivker was found guilty of unauthorized use of property on July 20 after entering a plea that reduced his charge from a first-degree misdemeanor of theft to a fourth-degree misdemeanor of unauthorized use of property.

Popivker was sentenced to 10 days of jail that was later suspended. The rest of Popivker’s sentence includes a year and six months of anger management classes, a community orientation program, and probation.

The Cauldron reached out to the university for comment to see if they were satisfied with Popivker’s sentencing.

“The University has no further comment on the matter at this time,” a university spokesperson told The Cauldron. 

On Jan. 11, 2023, Popivker stole a banner belonging to the Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights student organization in Cleveland State’s student center.

After CSU gathered their evidence to take to Cleveland Police, the City Prosecutor issued misdemeanor theft charges on Jan. 19.

According to a spokesperson for the university at that time, CSU requested the charges be issued as a hate crime. However, the prosecutor stated there was not enough evidence to do so.

On Jan. 25 and Feb. 1, Popivker admitted to the theft of the banner on Instagram and his Persona Non-Grata Hearing.

On Feb. 2, an official letter was addressed to Popivker noting his behavior as “detrimental to the university community” due to the theft and removal of the banner and affixing items onto University property and was deemed Persona Non-Grata from the university.

The Cauldron reached out to the Student for Justice in Palestine student organization and will update this story if and when they provide a comment.

You can read more about Popivker’s harassment of Palestinian students spanning multiple universities here.

This is a developing story. Updates will be posted as they become available.