CSU Residence Life issues alert after two separate attempted entry incidents in campus dorms

Residence Life at CSU has placed the campus community on alert via email Wednesday, April 19 following two separate incidents in which suspicious individuals attempted to gain entry to residence halls. 

According to the emailed letter, an individual entered the resident areas of Fenn Tower without authorization Monday evening. They did this by following students in through the exterior lobby doors and turnstiles. Staff attempted to get the individual to return to the desk, but the individual boarded an elevator with a group of students by the time staff were able to make contact. As such, the individual gained access to the upper floors of the building. 

By then, The Fenn Tower front desk and CSU Police Department began receiving calls about an individual who was attempting to gain access to residents’ units and unlocked dorm rooms. The individual was later located, removed, and added to the Persons Not Allowed list for the CSU residential communities.

A separate individual entered the lobby area of the Euclid Commons complex, again by following a resident Tuesday evening. This individual did not enter resident spaces, but did attempt to take a bookbag that was left unattended in the lobby area. CSU Police responded and handled the incident further, with this individual also added to the Persons Not Allowed list and the bookbag returned to the resident.

The letter also urged residents to be aware of their surroundings, follow proper guest check in procedures, lock their doors and windows, and not allow people to enter buildings behind them.

The letter, signed by Abbas Hill, Kyle Wolfe, Uliana Spiridonova and David Kalhoun, shows the latest development in the ongoing struggle to keep residential communities safe. Previously, hateful anti-Semetic and anti LGBTQ+ vandalism appeared in residential communities, prompting CSU Police Department and Office of Institutional Equity investigations.

“The safety and security of our residential students is a top priority for the Department of Residence Life and Housing and the greater Cleveland State University community,” the letter says. “By working together with our residents, we can help prevent incidents like these from occurring.”

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