CSU Dorms vandalized with Anti-LGBTQ and Anti-Semitic slur

According to a university release, a mural in the Euclid Commons housing complex at Cleveland State University was vandalized with anti-LGBTQ+ material. The graffiti was discovered on the evening of April 12 and was removed by the residence life staff. An investigation involving CSU Police and the Office of Institutional Equity is currently underway.

If found, the violators will face criminal charges and potential consequences through the university if students are responsible.

This is not the first time a residence hall bulletin board has been vandalized with hate speech. On Feb. 21, Fenn Tower staff found a bulletin board in the residence hall had been vandalized with an anti-Semitic slur.

“The University acted swiftly to remove the offensive graffiti,” The Fenn Tower statement read. “But we realize members of the community may have been impacted. Cleveland State University does not condone this type of behavior. We embrace and support a culture of diversity and inclusion.”

The Office of Institutional Equity is investigating the anti-Semitic incident, while CSU campus police are involved in the investigation of the anti-LGBTQ+ vandalism.

Anyone with information was asked to file a report via the Ethics Point portal.

“The destruction or defacement of property is against the law and a violation of university policy. Students found responsible could face criminal charges and be sanctioned under the Student Code of Conduct. Non-students could be charged with vandalism by CSU Police.”

The Fenn Tower letter was signed by Phillip Cockrell, Abbas Hill, Kyle Wolfe, and David Kahoun. A similar group signed the near-identical Euclid Commons letter, with Uliana Spiridonova replacing Kalhoun.

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