Donald Trump becomes first U.S. President to be indicted by a grand jury

On Thursday, March 30, former President Donlad Trump was indicted by a grand jury in New York for hush money payments to pornstar Stormy Daniels. The indictment  was reported by the New York Times and other media sources. 

Donald Trump alleged that an indictment was coming in previous weeks. The former President released a statement on Truth Social shortly after the indictment.

President Nixon was pardoned by President Ford for his involvement in the Watergate breakin during his Presidency, making Donlad Trump the first U.S. President to face possible federal charges. 

Trump will likely be arraigned next week and has stated that he would willingly surrender to authorities in New York. This process will be unique since Trump has Secret Service detail and the high profile nature of the case. 

The well-known “perp walk” will likely be ditched when Trump is arraigned for the charges brought against him. It is likely he would be brought into the proceedings via a garage entrance or low-profile entrance to avoid unnecessary public appearances.

NYPD officers were also informed to patrol in uniform on Friday, March 31st and to be prepared for mobilation at little notice, likely in preparation for possible protests by Trump supporters.   

Trump further alleged that the indictment was “political persecution” and would damage Democrats in the 2024 Presidential Election. 

Trump is predicted to surrender to authorities in New York City next week.

Author: Joseph Nappi

I write about politics, public transit, and current events. I am currently a political science major at Cleveland State University

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