St. Patrick’s Day at the University of Dayton ends in six arrests

Photo Credit: Flyer News by Keegan Gupta

At the University of Dayton’s annual St. Patrick’s Day celebration, at least six students were arrested, according to university officials. 

The celebration typically includes traditions of drinking 40 ounce alcoholic beverages at 4 a.m., commonly called “40s at 4,” an orange-haired student race called the “Ginger Run,” and a day of drinking on Lowes Street, where many University of Dayton (UD) students live. The “St. Paddy’s” celebration was on Saturday, March 25 this year, as students were on spring break for March 17. 

Members of the crowd on Lowes Street overturned a parked vehicle and climbed on top of it during the celebration, prompting a police presence. UD Public Safety and local law enforcement worked to clear the crowd from Lowes Street just after 4 p.m. on Saturday- 12 hours after 40s at 4 began. According to Flyer News, UD’s student newspaper, students reported being teargassed

UD explained that responding officers had bottles, cans, and other objects thrown at them, and more law enforcement was called to the scene in response. Officers used police cruisers and a loudspeaker to broadcast orders to clear the street. Emails and text messages from UD were also sent to ask people to leave the area. UD officials further explained: 

“There were at least six arrests made while officers were clearing the street. In addition, there were numerous calls for welfare checks, and first responders, including our student-run EMS service, had to transport multiple people to the hospital for alcohol-related issues.”