CSU Alumni and judge who presided over the Alex Murdaugh trial to speak at CSU

Judge Clifton Newman, a 1976 graduate of CSU Law College, will speak at the College of Law’s Moot Court Room on Tuesday, March 28 at noon. The event is open-to-the-public at no cost.

Judge Newman presided over the trial of convicted murderer and former South Carolina attorney Alex Murdaugh. Murdaugh is part of a South Carolina legal dynasty that stretches back 100 years.

The Murdaugh trial was a high-profile trial that captivated the nation and even earned Judge Newman national praise for his handling of the case.

“Honest to God, what you saw on TV is who he is,” said his friend, Judge Brendan Sheehan (CSU|LAW ’93), Administrative and Presiding Judge, Cuyahoga County Court of Common Pleas, in a statement. “He’s decisive, he’s firm, he’s caring, he’s got compassion.”

Judge Newman graduated from CSU in 1973 with an undergraduate degree before graduating from Law College. He has served as a defense attorney, a civil prosecutor and a circuit court judge. 

“We are pleased to welcome our alumnus Judge Newman back to our law school and proud that CSU College of Law was the beginning of his very distinguished career,” said CSU|LAW Dean Lee Fisher in a statement.

Judge Newman will be inducted into the Law College’s Hall of Fame in November.