Brite Winter Festival

Brite Winter Festival is an annual celebration of Cleveland’s art and music. This year, the event was held in the Flats, near Jacobs Pavilion, and the views of the city were incredible. The festival offered many opportunities for guests to interact with art and music; overall, there was an amazing atmosphere present.

Brite Winter is typically held in the heart of winter. Temperatures are not a deterrent for the artists and bands that take the stage. From temperatures below 10 degrees, to above 60 degrees, they play regardless. This year there were 21 bands performing at the combined 3 stages, with a separate section for various DJ’s to showcase their skills as well. Temperatures weren’t too much of a worry, most of the guests were bundled up and able to enjoy all of the festivities.

Included in the bands who took the stage at Brite Winter were Grumpy Plum, Signals Midwest, and Fox Royale. These bands are up and coming success stories that put on fantastic shows. Headlining the festival was Welshly Arms, a beloved alternative rock band from Cleveland. There surely was no shortage of great music here, and it showed why Cleveland is the home of rock and roll.

Along with live music, guests had the opportunity to enjoy art. Walking throughout the festival grounds, there were huge ice sculptures, a boat that you could get into, and fun signs and displays everywhere. With everything winter themed, you were able to hang out in igloo tents and warm up around the fires. They served hot cocoa, plenty of other beverages, and had a range of food trucks from places most Clevelanders enjoy, like Swensons and Barrio. 

With tickets only being $10, this was one of the most affordable and fun music festivals you could have gone to. Luckily for you, it happens every year. So if you missed this year there’s always next year. Make sure you stay tuned for them to announce their future festivals because Brite Winter is the perfect way to immerse yourself in art and music here in Cleveland.

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