CSU raises over $600,000 for Giving Day; $136,000 to the Woodling Gym Enhancement Project

On Giving Day, CSU raised $651,792 from a total of 2,839 donors.

86 of the 91 participating programs, departments, and organizations received at least one donation.

The programs that received the most donations were Lacrosse (392), Wrestling (346), Men’s and Women’s Golf (259), Men’s and Women’s Tennis (228), and Volleyball (188).

The Woodling Gym Enhancement Project received the most total funding at $136,066.60 from 11 donors. Wrestling received $64,315.89, Swimming and Diving received $56,936.00, Men’s and Women’s Tennis received $36,356, and Lacrosse received $35,553.00. 

A total of 62 Giving Day Ambassadors recruited at least one donor. The Ambassadors who recruited the most donors were Josh Moore (214), Steven Weir (191), Brian Etzkin (124), and Hannah Burandt (99). 

Giving Day has ended, but CSU is always accepting donations through their website.