Disrespectful Cleveland Fans at Angel Olsen Concert

Indie folk singer Angel Olsen and her band played a spectacular and passionate show last Thursday at the Agora Theater, located in Cleveland. However, Cleveland fans were too busy conversing to notice. 

Clevelanders at the concert were accordingly so engulfed in their own conversations, that it made it hard for the real fans to enjoy the transcending set that Olsen and her six part band were performing. 

“Indeed, the crowd at Olsen’s concert was one of the worst in recent memory, and that’s saying something”, explained concert attendee, Eric Heisg, from the Cleveland Scene. 

Olsen was so fed up, she kindly asked the crowd to “shut the f*** up”, due to all the muffled sounds and outward disrespect coming from the crowd. 

The American singer and songwriter still prevailed by ignoring the disrespect and putting on a mesmerizing set that displayed captivating lights, numerous boisterous instruments, colorful outfits, and soulful vocals.

Olsen is a 36 year old indie folk and rock singer from St.Louis, Missouri. Her love for music started at a young age, and has since learned to play numerous instruments such as the keyboard and guitar. 

Olsen released her first studio album in 2012, known as Half Way Home, which caught the attention of many.

Olsen and her band are currently on tour for their sixth studio album, “Big Time”, which debuted last year. The album explores Olsens’s struggles with coming out as gay, love, and the grief from both her parents passing in 2021.