CSU’s Dr. Tachelle Banks appointed to Cleveland Transformation Alliance’s Board

Dr. Tachelle Banks, Presidential Faculty Fellow & Associate Provost for Academic Innovation and Professor at Cleveland State, was appointed to the Board of Directors of the Cleveland Transformation Alliance.

Banks and seven others will work to transform Cleveland schools toward educational equity. 

“I am honored to have been appointed to the Cleveland Transformation Alliance Board,” said Banks. “I look forward to engaging with and learning from these wonderful leaders to advance educational equity for children and youth and the Greater Cleveland community.”

The Cleveland Transformation Alliance was created in 2011 under former Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson. Current Mayor Justin Bibb is the Chair of the Board of Trustees. 

“The new members represent perspectives tied closely to Cleveland’s schools as well as perspectives that are important to the broader youth agenda and paths to progress for our young people,” according to the press release from the Mayor’s office. “I appreciate the commitment CTA board members make to ensure that every student in Cleveland attends their best-fit public school.”

Banks’ research at Cleveland State focuses on the roles culture and ethnicity play in emotional competency development and instruction. She has more than 400 publications, from books to journal articles, and works for the international journal Multicultural Learning and Teaching as Executive Managing Editor.

Sajit Zachariah, Vice Provost and Dean of CSU Online, departed the board after his term finished. Bibb thanked Zachariah for his service but looked forward to the future of the Cleveland Transformation Alliance. 

“I look forward to our continued progress toward the goals of Cleveland’s Plan for Transforming Schools as we work to prepare all of our young people for college and careers,” Bibb said in the press release.