CSU Professor and Chair of Washkewicz College of Engineering Yong Tao, Ph.D. awarded $1 million grant

Yong Tao, Ph.D., Betty L. Gordon Endowed Professor and Chair of the Cleveland State University Washkewicz College of Engineering, has been awarded a $1,009,852 grant by the U.S. Department of Education through the Modeling and Simulation Program (MSP) to develop a new graduate concentration for engineering students.

Dr. Tao’s proposal, “Developing Modeling and Simulation-Based Multidisciplinary Learning Environment for Urban Universities,” will be carried out in partnership with the CSU Departments of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, and Teacher Education. The program will develop a new concentration known as Modeling and Simulation in Sustainable Energy Systems (MS-SES) for graduate students.

“Engineering students will benefit from completing a degree with an MS-SES concentration in multiple ways,” said Dr. Tao. “They will be able to demonstrate their specialized academic achievements among their peers, their decision-making abilities, and research competence in their field of study.”

Through this simulation, CSU students will have the opportunity to gain unique expertise that will help contribute to technological advancement toward a sustainable future.

“For example, industries are always facing new challenges and open-ended questions that need efficient turn-around time. Those challenges cannot be addressed using traditional knowledge bases and experimental approaches,” said Dr. Tao.

The goal of this project is to build upon the existing curriculum to include the MS-SES concentration and develop new coursework specially designed for graduate students interested in the study. Opening the door for these unique opportunities will help to recruit a diverse student body to the field and prepare students for career success in the job market.

“Most importantly, having a graduate degree with a modeling and simulation concentration will unlock career opportunities in a range of industries from manufacturing to healthcare, as well as federal and state governments, where mechanical engineering graduates are needed.”

Dr. Tao’s research has garnered nearly $20 million in funding from U.S. federal agencies and industries. He is the director of the Center for Integrated Modeling in Energy, Resilience, and Sustainability (IERS Center) at CSU. To learn more about the IERS Center, visit here.

Author: Mays Turabi

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