Book written by CSU student Vikas Sabbi is available in campus library

Sabbi’s book cover (available on Amazon)

Vikas Sabbi is a Cleveland State Student studying to earn his Masters in Computer Science. Sabbi is also the solo author of a bedtime story book called “Twinkle Stories: Volume I.” 

The book is a collection of 5 short stories, where Sabbi aims to transport the reader back to moments spent listening to the stories from grandparents and elder family members.

“I remember my childhood days when my grandfather used to tell me moral stories before going to bed… I just want to bring those old days and memories back to our present generation,” says Sabbi.

Sabbi dedicates the book “to all the grandparents who made our childhood magical with their stories.”

Sabbi wrote the book over the course of about 2 months while working towards his Bachelor’s degree in 2018. The book was published in 2021.

“Twinkle Stories, Volume I” was released in India, and is available as an ebook around the world. The Michael Schwartz Library at CSU has a hardcopy available on the third floor in the Juvenile Collection.

Sabbi is working with his editors to release the hardcopy of “Twinkle Stories, Volume I” in the United States and 10 other countries. Sabbi has also been writing another book, which he started in 2016, after his beloved pet dog, Remo, passed away. Sabbi decided to write a book dedicated to Remo and “all the pet lovers who share a special connection with their pets.”

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