A Cauldron Meme Gallery- Issue #2

Over break, a pipe burst in the Rhodes Tower library, damaging some books in the library’s special collections. We’re told that water impacted all four floors of the building.

Why are the Pepsi machines always broken? Why do I always find out after I’ve tapped my card? Can’t they turn off their broken machines? Questions, questions, questions.

In the face of the crime, chaos, and general issues on campus, CSU is doing what CSU does best: Ignoring the issue! After all, what better way to celebrate all we have accomplished than a new logo?

In a super-duper-uber important email sent to all CSU Students, President Bloomberg announced the new identity of our university. Too bad it looks like a 10th grader made it with Canva.

CSU has, once again, raised housing prices. After acquiring The Langston and The Edge last year, there has been much anticipation and speculation over pricing. Though it wasn’t what we hoped for, it certainly was what we expected.