CSU celebrates Rune and Thor’s 1st birthday

Credit: Matt Keyerleber
Caption: Rune and Thor get ready to play during their first birthday bash at CSU.

Cleveland State University spent the day celebrating Rune and Thor, the university’s therapy dogs, and their first birthday from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Jan. 23. The event was full of cupcakes for students and cuddles for Rune and Thor. 

“It was a nice event, a happy moment, a chance for everyone who had time during the common hour to come by, have a cupcake, pet the puppies and take a selfie,” said Anne-Marie Connors, the executive director of the CSU Alumni Association.

The CSU Alumni Association worked with the CSU Police Department to plan the event and make the transition during back-to-school more fun. 

“We thought it would be something fun to do during the first few weeks of school when everyone was coming back and the weather’s not good — a nice way to have a little celebration,” said Connors. 

Credit: Matt Keyerleber
Caption: Rune and Thor get ready for selfies with students that came to their paw-ty.

While the celebration was originally organized as a way to kickoff the 2023 spring semester, CSU Police Chief Beverly Pettrey thought it also served as a way to bring attention to the dogs’ presence on campus.

“I just want the students to know that the dogs are here for them during stressful times,” she said. 

The idea to get therapy dogs for Cleveland State was originally brought up a few years ago by Pettrey. At the time, the plan was to get one therapy dog. 

“Students may need a little extra love,” Pettrey said. “We got these dogs for the students and the community.” 

Once Rune and Thor were introduced to the police department, the idea to have one work during the day and one during the evening was born — and adopted. 

The brothers Rune and Thor can also be found at the CSU Police Department, visiting classrooms and at various CSU sporting events in an effort to connect with the community.