Totally Rad Vintage Fest comes to Cleveland

On Saturday, Jan. 28, Totally Rad Vintage Fest stopped in Cleveland at the I-X Center and brought all their favorite 80’s, 90’s, & Y2K vintage clothes, memorabilia, and records with them. 

Totally Rad Vintage Fest featured 50 vendors, photo-op setups, a vintage gallery, records, and a vintage arcade.  Earliness is one of the keys to thrifting so people were provided with an early bird option when purchasing tickets.   

Throughout the event, there were many versatile vendors selling antique items. GOAT, who sold vintage sports and entertainment t-shirts, had a rack of 3 vintage tees for $50. The Toys Time Forgot sold tons of old action figures and toys. Nice Guy Vintage had Nascar jackets in almost perfect condition. 

The event was incredibly interactive. Planners took a lot of time perfecting the vintage look and making benches and photo-op setups to reflect the branding they have for their business. Walking down the aisles, 90’s themed benches, relaxation areas, and picturesque rooms staged like teenage rooms from certain time periods could be found. Vendors also took creative control at their booths. Outside of one vendor’s booth, there was a big dinosaur sculpture wearing headphones, with musicians names and faces written on it. 

With Spice Girls playing over the speakers, and vintage decor all around, tons of people were sent back in time when entering the event. Totally Rad Vintage Fest brought all the nostalgia, vintage music and entertainment here to Cleveland! To stay updated on where Totally Rad Vintage Fest will go next, visit

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