A Cauldron Meme Gallery – Issue #1

Cleveland State has repeatedly made efforts to cut budgets throughout the university. This is reportedly due to a drop in enrollment. However, as the quality of campus life declines due to these cuts, Cleveland State will likely continue to see even more enrollment drops.

The Chick-Fil-A is never going to open, is it? Following a full semester of crushed hopes and dreams, our favorite chicken stand is no closer to completion, in spite of all the posters proclaiming a Fall 2022 opening date.

When hiring a new university president and provost, CSU hired who they wanted for their respective roles instead of launching a national search. This has been met with criticism from some in the community, who hoped to see new ideas introduced.

Cleveland State has been making efforts to cut costs in recent semesters, including reducing the amount spent on campus services by outsourcing and hiring fewer professors. This leads to larger classes and fewer offerings for students, some of whom rely on the flexible options for their schedules.