Improv Group Holds First Showcase

Interview with Kierstan Conway

Image of Conway. Photo by Gabrielle DiDonato.

This interview with Kierstan Conway, director of the improv club for the fall semester, covered the student organization’s first on campus event. The showcase was held in the Blackbox Theatre at Cleveland State University earlier this month.

How do you feel the event went? 

“It was exciting to have our very first in-person showcase this semester. Due to many of us being involved in a multitude of projects or productions this semester we weren’t sure if we’d be able to make it happen. Nevertheless, we met every week to polish exercises to be ready for one if we had it. Improv craves people, and we all were eager for an audience experience.”

Was there a good turnout?

“The audience turnout was a great mix of members of our families, peers, and faculty including, our advisor. They were ready participants and quite vocal, which helped to build us up.”

How many students participated in the show?

“I am so grateful to have a wonderful group of creative and lovely individuals to perform with. This is my last performance at CSU, and it ended on a wonderful note.”

How do you prepare for an improv show?

“Preparing for an improv show is almost a paradox. The idea is to understand the principles of improv (ESPECIALLY YES AND) and be ready to do certain exercises with audience suggestions on the fly.”

Do you think more events will be offered by the improv group in the future?

“Anne McLaughlin will be the new improv president, so she knows more about the future, than me. But I hope that in the future the group is able to grow and have more opportunities to make people laugh. We live in a difficult world and to laugh together is a great escape.”

The improv troupe; photo curtesy of Conway. (Pictured left to right: Laure Davie, Quinton Turpin, Nick Hassan, Anne McLaughlin, Kierstan Conway, Quinn Montgomery, Curt Sprunger, John Toma.)

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Author: Trinity Stevens

Trinity Stevens is a current student at Cleveland State University majoring in Dance in Community, minoring in Theatre Studies, and pursuing a certificate in Arts Management.