Pulp Pops in across from Campus

The newest location of Pulp Juice and Smoothie Bar opened on Nov. 15 in downtown Cleveland, opposite of the Cleveland State Student Center on Euclid Ave.

Pulp has over 50 locations that serve real fruit smoothies (made with real fruits and vegetables), bowls, wraps, salads, and nutritional wheatgrass and ginger shots. Pulp is a bright and welcoming store with friendly staffs who are ready to provide a grab and go snack or an environment to sit and study across from campus. 

As a peanut butter lover, I chose to order the Protein Packer smoothie (pictured below) to have after a workout. The Protein Packer smoothie offers the choice of soy or almond milk combined with peanut butter, chocolate, bananas, yogurt, and protein. In a regular size there are 40 grams of protein. 

I felt confident my smoothie would be fresh as I watched the employees put together my order, and it was delicious!

Other popular items include the Raspberry Harmony smoothie, Strawberry Extreme smoothie, Kale Ka-Pow smoothie, and Buffalo Chicken Wrap.

There are over 40 options for smoothies, bowls, and more. Everything is customizable with selections from 12 enhancers (such as stress relief, immunity, hangover relief, and pea protein) and 33 add-ins (such as beet, dragon fruit, honey, and sugar-free Redbull) for smoothies alone. Customers are even given the option for providing special instructions in online orders which can be placed at https://order.online/business/pulp-juice-and-smoothie-bar-48527/ for pickup or delivery. The full menu is available online at https://pulpjuiceandsmoothie.com/menu/.

For those with allergies, all food is prepared in a shared environment (possibly causing exposure to allergens such as peanuts, wheat, soy, diary, and more). Staff will ensure that the allergen is not directly included in the product, but the ingredient could still be present in the product.

Pulp in downtown Cleveland currently lists their opening hours as their store hours which is from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm every day.

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