Free Things to do in Cleveland!

As college students, we often find ourselves pinching pennies to keep up with academic and personal expenses. With the holiday season approaching and temperatures dropping, these factors can make finding fun indoor activities difficult. Here are a few indoor attractions you can check out in the Cleveland area.

Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art was founded in 1913 and initially opened for admission in the 1950s. The museum holds diverse art collections and exhibitions that feature international creations. By January 2023, they plan on opening three new exhibitions, ‘Photographs in Ink’ and Chinese-styled artwork. Here, there is something for everyone to observe and resonate with. 

Lake Erie Nature and Science Center 

Not only is this a family-friendly attraction, but a nice place to explore with friends. Elberta Fleming founded the Lake Erie Nature and Science Center in the 1940s. They began as a small display in her backyard and expanded to Their main goal is to connect individuals to nature through memorable ventures. 

The Cleveland Police Museum

Whether you are a history buff or interested in law enforcement, the Cleveland Police Museum may be a target interest for you. The facility has developed greatly since its first opening in the 1980s with only 1200 square feet, to which they have now expanded to 4000 square feet. They also have a wide range of exhibitions that began in the 18th century. 

The International Women’s Air and Space Museum 

The International Women Air & Space Museum is one of Cleveland’s many hidden gems,  not a standard museum. It is located inside the Burke Lakefront Airport’s terminal and easily accessible throughout the airport. Although this facility is predominantly used in Cleveland, it stands as an attraction for many. The museum features miniature airplanes and figures and dress attire for what women in this field would wear. 

West Side Market 

Cleveland is a rich community full of people from different cultures, and what better way to explore different cultures than through food? At the West Side Market, this concept is enjoyed by many. With easy access to diverse cuisines, it is the perfect spot to hang out, grocery shop, or grab a bite to eat.