CSU’s Ultimate Frisbee Team Wins Three Games at West Virginia University Tournament  

At West Virginia University this past weekend, Cleveland State’s Ultimate Frisbee Club worked hard in their third and final tournament of the semester.

CSU played seven games on Saturday and Sunday against WVU, Miami University, Maryland University, and other prestigious state universities. CSU Ultimate won three games back-to-back, with the first win of the season being against West Virginia University’s B team. CSU scored 13-6, followed by two more wins against Maryland University and American University. These wins will set the tone for the upcoming spring semester. 

The team’s coach, Chris Auman, reveals the importance of practice, energy, and motivation. “Depth is our biggest advantage.” Auman shares that having a larger team of committed players ensures more consistent points. “Passion and dedication will take a team a lot further than you think.” 

When asked what the future of Ultimate Frisbee at CSU might look like, Auman shares that carrying the core and drive over into next semester to build a stronger team will give hope for a brighter future. “You can have a team full of people, but you have to like each other for it to actually look like art,” says a player of the team. 

A team captain opens up about his struggles with going to war on the field. “We should be trying to obliterate the opponent,” Paul Boersma says, “There is the spirit of the game, you’re not going to kick’em in the face with a cleat, but the momentum is up.” Paul shares that you should always be dialed in and serious while playing. “Success should be expected. There is more work to be done.” The captain says that bouncing back from a mistake shows flexibility. “What is the next best thing to do?… Do it with purpose.” 

Rookie of the weekend Saleh Alsuwailem says he never expected to be given that title. “I’m just a rookie, there is more growth to be done, and we as a team performed phenomenally.” After being asked why he plays frisbee, he replied, “I do this sport because it’s a brilliant sport.” When asked if he was satisfied with the outcome of the weekend, Sal said, “Our goal was to win, and we achieved that as a team, but every team has something to work on.” Sal’s goal for next semester is to master his cuts and disc reading in the sport.

The team was encouraged by the wins this weekend and will continue practices, welcoming recruits at any time. Practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays. For anyone interested in joining, visit CSU Ultimate Frisbee on Vikes Connect: https://csuohio.presence.io/organization/csu-ultimate-frisbee

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