Newcomer JD Vance wins Senate seat after a grueling race

In the battleground state of Ohio, Republican JD Vance claims retiring incumbent Rob Portman’s seat in the U.S. Senate after a grueling race.

Endorsed by former President Donald Trump earlier this year, Vance had an advantage in the right-leaning state of Ohio that was won by Trump in the 2020 presidential election, despite being a political newcomer. Although he didn’t always publicly support the former president, having his endorsement propelled his election campaign.

Along the campaign trail, Vance denounced his Democratic challenger for a grave lack of initiative in his 20+ years of office. He advocated for a new face of representation in Ohio, particularly a conservative voice he feels the U.S. Senate is missing.

The issues at the forefront of this race included the state of the economy, abortion, and foreign affairs. As inflation breaks the bank for middle-class families and the overturn of Roe v. Wade leaves reproductive rights in a toss-up, Ohioans sought an elected official that would reinvigorate America’s democracy.

An avid pro-life politician, Vance has openly supported legislation restricting abortion, most notably a national abortion ban introduced by fellow Republican U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham that would prohibit abortion after the 15-week mark. Throughout his campaign, Vance pushed for a need to provide mothers with the resources and support needed to carry and raise a child. He even promised to expand child tax credits.

Vance also championed a need to reel in the government’s expenditure to bring down inflation perpetuated by the Biden administration. He criticized Ryan for his constant support of Biden’s spending bills, deeming them the primary reason for America’s economic and manufacturing decline.

The newly elected U.S. senator is an advocate for energy independence and the restoration of American jobs from China, America’s technological competitor. In particular, Vance supports the industrial policies and trade negotiations made by Trump and believes the nation needs to return to them to rebuild our industrial base.

Though Ryan and Vance disagreed on almost every issue at the center of this election, Ohio still proved unpredictable.  This race was competitive until the end, with absolutely no way of telling who would prevail. Vance’s victory certifies Ohio as an official red state, leaving its previous title of a swing state in the dark.

Author: Mays Turabi

Avid writer, coffee-drinker, art lover. Oh, and Editor-in-Chief for The Cauldron.