“Real Friends With Confidence” Tour

Taylor Acorn at the Grog Shop in Cleveland, Ohio – Photo Credit: Addisyn Spakes

Alternative punk rock artist Taylor Acorn, who has a following of over 800k on Spotify along with over 750k followers and 8.6M likes on Tiktok, came to Cleveland on Sept. 30th. Along with a special guest, The Home Team, Acorn brought her “Real Friends with Confidence” tour to the Grog Shop.

Acorn has a vibrant and charming personality combined with an energy that truly connects with her fans. The artist writes about love, mental health, and numerous other heart-pulling topics, capturing her authenticity and radiance while keeping an uplifting message that her fans adore.

Songs such as “Shapeshifting” and “Psycho” have gained popularity on Tiktok, each with over 1000 videos. Her music gives a throwback to 2000’s artists, such as Avril Lavene and Paramore. Acorn brings raw emotions with both catchy and positive lyrics, which listeners adore, creating a fun and inclusive environment for all fans.

Acorn’s performance at The Grog Shop in Cleveland brought the house down with electric energy. A packed house full of fans and music goers filled the room, taking in hard-hitting, head-thrashing music and enjoying the last tour of “Friends With Confidence” as a band with Acorn. If you did not make it to the Cleveland concert, don’t worry there are more tour dates available.

To get to know Acorn a little more, she grew up as the middle child in a single-family household after the saddening loss of her father at the age of eight. She later turned to writing, a hobby shared between the two of them, to gain a feeling of closeness and connection. Her mother took on as a soul provider, went back to school, and supported all her children’s dreams. During a Zoom conference with The Cauldron, Acorn mentioned that it was her mother who bought her her first guitar. 

She described how she created a band with her friend during her freshman year of high school- for both the love of music and the goal of playing the guitar. However, having failed to learn in the time at the time, that changed by age 16. Acorn said that she needed to learn to play the guitar in one week because it was all or nothing for her. Putting her mind to it, she gained the basic skills within that week, giving her the push to continue her passion and use it towards her future career.

 The song “Wishing You Hell,” written by Acorn with Phil Barnes and Tom Jones, is available for pre-save on all platforms and will be shared with fans on the “Real Friends With Confidence” Tour. In our zoom conference, Acorn shared her nervousness about the new song and how it would come out, but from the first time she listened to it, she loved it! 

Acorn also highly values her sister’s opinion of all of her music, and her approval made her even more sure that fans would love the song as much as she does. With the assistance of her sister’s opinion on “Wishing You Hell” and with the excitement of fans on social media, it is sure to be a hit! 

Furthermore, Acorn’s career started in the country music scene but found she came to find her style to be in alternative punk rock. Having fans from numerous genres brings together a large audience, and Acorn is excited to have both new and past fans integrate together. Additionally, the most meaningful thing to Acorn is meeting and connecting with her fans in person! 

Acorn captures the authentic, upbeat, head-bopping music that music lovers crave today. The “Real Friends With Confidence” tour is promised to be just as amazing as Acorn and her music. Tickets are available now, and you don’t want to miss this amazing act coming near you.

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