Diversity of Cleveland State Organizations brings students together

With the use of VikesConnect, students can find many diverse social opportunities across campus. These organizations build relationships among students, grant knowledge of the many cultures at CSU, and promote opportunities for everyone involved.

One organization that stands out is Cleveland State’s Minority Association of Premedical Students (MAPS). This student organization has a mission to support and grant opportunities for minority students at CSU into medical school. 

Devine Shelton, president of MAPS, explained that the organization at CSU is just a small chapter of a vast national organization for pre-medical students. 

“We are bigger than people think,” Shelton stated in regard to the influence the organization has all around the country. “Every year, there is an opportunity for students to attend a national conference for University Hospitals Rainbow Babies.” 

While the CSU chapter is much smaller than the national chapter, Shelton explains that the intimacy of the group gives the organization great potential. 

“We recognize the names and families of each of our members. It’s nice to see people come back every year”, Shelton shared.

Similar to the MAPS organization, the Chinese Scholar Student Association provides minority students, particularly Chinese students, a safe space on campus. This organization collaborates with Akron, Kent, and Ashland to promote different cultural events and allow Chinese students to practice their skills and inform others of their culture.

President of the Chinese Scholar Student Association, Yue Li, stated, “It’s nice that the population is constantly growing. We are not alone anymore.” 

“If you’re interested in Chinese culture, just join,” Li continued. 

Every year, a Mid-Autumn Festival is hosted by the Chinese Scholar Student Association, which reaches up to 80 attendees.

Another notable organization on campus is the Muslim Student Association (MSA). This organization, similar to others mentioned, welcomes and allows for a safe space for Muslims on campus. 

Rana Attia, the event coordinator for MSA, explained that there are numerous events on and off campus throughout the school year. Last month, MSA hosted its “Guided Hearts” event to speak about mental health in the Islamic religion. Students were also encouraged to bring their family members.

“Tickets were only $5 to keep the event affordable for everyone,” Attia explained.

On campus, there are also many social opportunities for Muslim Students. Prayer rooms, as well as a “girl’s space,” is provided by MSA for any student looking for a safe space in between classes. 

Amir El-Ashram, treasurer of MSA, explained that “as time went on, the organization has increased its popularity.” Social media has been very helpful in allowing the growth of the student-led club. “Just last week, we reached over a thousand followers.”

Diverse organizations make students feel welcome all across Cleveland State. VikesConnect offers over 175 organizations for students at CSU. No matter what, there is always an inclusive space for any student attending Cleveland State University.