Fresh Fruit at The Fruit Stand

The Fruit Stand on Euclid Ave, Cleveland, Ohio – Photo Credit: Diana Schoder

Nestled a short walk from campus in Playhouse Square, The Fruit Stand offers customizable fresh fruit options.

Finding good fruit near campus can be challenging, but The Fruit Stand offers a variety of hand-cut fresh fruit options. The Fruit Stand allows each customer to pick and choose exactly what they would like to eat and make each order right in front of every customer. The fruits aren’t canned or dried, nor frozen-instead they are hand cut fresh daily.

At least nine freshly cut fruit options are offered- depending on the season. Smoothie bowls (açai, special, or twist), fresh-cut fruit bowls, and oatmeal bowls (warm or overnight oats) are available each day. For those who have more of a sweet tooth, pound cake bowls are also available. There is also a variety of “crunchies” for toppings- ranging from granola and crushed almonds to sprinkles and crushed Reese’s cups. The drizzles include peanut butter, honey, and whipped cream, among a variety of others. 

Although the Fruit Stand does not have online ordering, customers are generally in and out in just a few minutes.

I ordered a warm oatmeal bowl with strawberries, bananas, grapes, crushed graham crackers, and a honey drizzle. The fruit was some of the best that I have had during my two years in Cleveland. I felt confident that I was eating fresh fruit as I watched my bowl be assembled before me. The staff was also friendly, creating an inviting atmosphere.

A warm oatmeal bowl – Photo Credit: Diana Schoder

My only grievance was the lack of indoor seating- there was only one table inside- and there were no tables outside as the change of seasons approaches. If a customer needs a place to sit and eat or a student is looking for a place to study, The Fruit Stand may not be the ideal place to go. Still, there were lids available to take my bowl to go, so it was not a deal-breaker for me. The fresh fruit was delicious!

The Fruit Stand is open from 9:00-5:00 Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00-4:00 on Sunday, and is closed every Monday. Check out their complete menu and photos on the website.

Editors Note: There is more seating at The Fruit Stand upstairs. However, not a lot if multiple parties want to stay inside.