Overwatch 2 launch day woes affect CSU’s esports team

Jarrell Glover (left) and Sagan Woolner (Right) look unenthused with long queue times that have prevented the CSU Overwatch team from practicing in the newly launched Overwatch 2. Photo Credit: Ryan Yeary

The Cleveland State University Overwatch team shared the struggles of thousands of Overwatch players worldwide as queue times made it impossible to enter the game Tuesday afternoon.

Blizzard Entertainment launched Overwatch 2 at 3 PM EST. Since its launch, players worldwide have waited upwards of two hours just to enter the game, with some players having no success getting through the game’s server queue.

Even all the top tech CSU has at their home base, The Cavs Legion Lair, couldn’t help Cleveland State’s newest group of Division l athletes.

“The convenience of it all was pretty horrible. Getting into the game was easily the worst thing about Overwatch 2 so far,” Jarrell Glover said. “It’s a good game with a lot of fun new characters and new reworks to old characters, but I hope we can do something about that queue time!”

Blizzard representatives later confirmed that server queue times were due to a DDoS attack. 

Cleveland State has their first Overwatch 2 game on Thursday and hopes to get at least one practice before their match against a school yet to be named. 

If you are interested in following Cleveland State E-Sports, the latest news can be found on their discord @  https://discord.gg/jyn53P9h